Add a touch of class to your guitar with one of these distinctive and decorative beaded guitar straps. Offering an array of colors and designs, these beaded strips can be done on adjustable cloth or suede leather straps. If you have a pattern or theme of your own choosing, a beaded custom guitar strap can be made just for you!

  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Guitar Strap #1
Intertwined pattern in grey, light blue and navy blue. This one is a real beauty!
Item No. SKU HG 7081
2.   Guitar Strap #2
Classic Native American design worked in red, white, black and turquoise on a white background.
Item No. SKU HG 7082
3.   Guitar Strap #3
Bright colors - Bold Design! This strap will look great on your guitar!
Item No. SKU HG 7083
4.   Guitar Strap #4
Brilliantly colored Native American design!
Item No. SKU HG 7084
5.   Guitar Strap #7
*Center of beadstrip is a Cross representing Jesus, the Prince of Peace! *Also features white doves carrying olive branches!
Item No. SKU HG 7087
6.   Guitar Strap #8
Beautiful, colorful butterflies grace the length of this guitar strap!
Item No. SKU HG 7088
7.   Guitar Strap #10
USA Guitar Strap!
Item No. SKU HG7090
8.   Guitar Strap #11
Native American floral design guitar strap!
Item No. SKU HG7091
9.   Guitar Strap #12
Crow and Saulk & Fox patterns in beautiful bright colors!
Item No. SKU HG7092
10.   Guitar Strap #13
Item No. SKU HG 7093
11.   Guitar Strap #9
Colorful two-headed dragons and red oriental birds!
Item No. SKU HG7089
All prices in US Dollars


Beadwork By Hawk. All rights reserved.