We offer you fine, extremely high quality beadwork! All of our beaded hatbands and beaded strips are individually hand loomed on a homemade loom using only the highest quality glass Czechoslovakian size 11 seed beads.
Our stylish beaded hatbands, both narrow and wide, are offered in Native American designs, western designs, modern designs or geometric designs. The hatbands are sewn onto soft deerskin leather with the sueded side toward the hat so the hatband will stay on without tacking. Each beaded hatband can be custom made for you in the desired length for your hat.
For the guitar enthusiast, we offer beaded guitar straps for that personal, distinctive touch.
The mountain man and mountain woman will love our brilliant beaded strips for the shoulders of your buckskins, leather jacket and mountain man shirts, down the sleeves of your buckskins, on the sides of your buckskin britches or- for the ladies-on the shoulders and bodice of your buckskin dresses.
Nothing dresses up your plain leather rifle scabbard and possible bag as much as a beautiful handcrafted beadstrip! NOTE: None of our beadwork is made by Native Americans.
Thank you!
May the Great Spirit always smile on your camp.

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